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adp payroll import file format

Notice the file name — this is formatted specifically for ADP and must remain as is. If you’ve previously exported the file on this machine, you should delete or rename prior versions so that your current file can retain the proper name for import. Let’s start out by configuring the necessary elements for ADP. First, we need to add department codes for each job type. The adp csv file has totally 236 rows, if we delete rows and only has 6 row left, and import will be successful.

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If you are not importing via an integration, then whatever parameters that were established must have limited the rows to 6. Modify that and your problem should get resolved. A previous pay run for that pay frequency has not been fully processed. You can only transfer one ADP pay frequency at a time.


Click Export, and select the Send to ADP option. Once on the Paydata Import Files page, select Browse for Files. When you’re ready to export time, click Reports in the top navigation, followed by Payroll Export. Click the Visit The Bridge link located at the adp payroll import file format bottom of the overview to register. This is an ADP sponsored online community for ADP clients to share knowledge, skills and have questions answered by client/ADP within the community. Open the Importing Paydata guide you just downloaded to your local drive.

  • Field, enter a short phrase that clearly identifies the data you are importing.
  • Under Department Settings select Include Department and/or Group By Worked Department if you require the employee data in that format, click Next.
  • Aside from that, you can also considermanually tracking your transactions as journal entries.
  • All of your ideas without support will be deleted.
  • On the Download ADP CSV Format Files dialog box, click the link for the file to export.
  • If you use Vision Multicompany, only the timesheets for the active company are included.

Open the folder called Disk1. Select setup.exe and click OK. All of your personal information, including email address, name, and IP address will be deleted from https://adprun.net/ this site. Any feedback you have provided that others have supported will be attributed to “Anonymous”. All of your ideas without support will be deleted.

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Right-click the existing Export file and select Copy. Right-click the Amount column and select Copy. Monitor data flows, identify job status, and resolve errors in real time. Open the export file and print a copy of the ADP Export Report. Click Approve to open the Payroll Worksheet for this payroll. On the Pay Data Import page, click Browse, and navigate to the export file.

adp payroll import file format

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